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Transpersonal and Body Psychotherapy

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This approach offers a way to discover greater meaning and fulfilment through engaging with the whole person — body, feelings, mind and spirit. In these difficult and uncertain times you may be challenged to find new direction and an understanding that happiness is not found through material gain alone. Psychotherapy may be a stepping-stone on this journey.


Psychotherapy provides a safe and confidential space where you can talk to someone about your problems, knowing that you will be listened to with acceptance and compassion. Through exploring feelings, needs and aspirations you can come closer to the truth of your situation and move towards a greater sense of well-being and fulfilment.

Image and bodywork

Dreamwork, imagery and dialogue might be used to explore feelings and gain insight into problems. Bodywork using breath, touch and mindful awareness can also help you to explore unexpressed emotions which may be held in the body, causing tension or pain and sometimes contributing to the development of ill-health. As awareness is brought to your dream-life and to the body and its symptoms, emotions can flow more freely and greater openness, choice and spontaneity of being may be experienced.

Authentic Movement 

Authentic Movement may also be used to help explore and express feelings and gain insight into the roots of your difficulties. The practice invites the inner stirrings of the psyche to be felt and seen through expression in movement.

Body psychotherapy

The roots of current problems often go right back to the earliest experiences of life, even to birth itself, which can leave powerful imprints on both body and psyche. A body-oriented approach can help to access and resolve such early experiences.

Body psychotherapy, which touches upon early or nonverbal experiences, can also open you to something greater than the limited sense you may have of yourself — to the transpersonal dimension.

Transpersonal psychotherapy

By embodying unknown or rejected aspects of yourself, acknowledging feelings and needs, you can discover a renewed sense of direction and purpose. You might be opened to more expansive states of consciousness, which bring insight and can be deeply nurturing and healing.

Therapist and client

The relationship between therapist and client is also an important part of the work. The therapist is there to listen and support, and sometimes to challenge you to grow. Within a safe therapeutic environment you can explore new ways of relating, which may enable you to change old and unhelpful patterns.

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An initial session can be arranged to see if Transpersonal and Body Psychotherapy might be right for you. Sessions usually take place weekly and last one hour. They will be treated with the strictest confidentiality and your safety respected at all times.