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The Broken Line

The Broken Line

From the back cover:

Seventeen year-old Anita is left rootless and tormented by feelings of guilt after a series of traumatic losses. When a letter is discovered amongst her father’s papers, she vows to discover the truth about the Irish grandmother she had thought long dead, but her initial search leads nowhere.
Eleven years later, against the background of a precarious life as an artist in 1980’s London, and the Troubles of Northern Ireland, an unexpected gift finally sets Anita on her quest to unravel family secrets and betrayals. As she uncovers the story of Liza, her maternal grandmother, she comes to understand how unhealed wounds have been passed down through generations of women in her family, echoing with parallels in her own life. She must heal the broken line of her maternal lineage.

Non-fiction books

Wisdom of the Body Moving: An Introduction to Body-Mind Centering

Wisdom of the Body Moving (English edition)    Wisdom of the Body Moving (German edition)

From the back cover:

Devoting thirty-five years to a systematic investigation of the relations between bodily experience and the anatomical maps of science, [Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen] independently discovered many of the principles that underlie Feldenkrais work, cranial osteopathy, Rolfing, dance therapy, and Zero Balancing. ...
Drawing on animal and infant movements, [Linda Hartley] takes readers through the wondrous realms of Bainbridge Cohen’s pantheon — from the “minds” of the skeletal and muscular systems to the quite different inner lives of digestive, lymphatic, urinary, respiratory, vocal, circulatory, endocrine, and reproductive organs. Her choreography ultimately brings us into the states of consciousness of skin, cells, blood, fat, cerebrospinal fluid, nervous system, and brain. 

Servants of the Sacred Dream: Rebirthing the Deep Feminine - Psycho-spiritual Crisis and Healing

Servants of the Sacred Dream     

From the back cover:

Servants of the Sacred Dream explores the rebirth of the feminine into individual and collective consciousness, and its importance to women at a time when the unquestionable power and authority of the patriarchy is on the wane.
... [The book] guides the reader on a healing journey through darkness into a richer and deeper sense of life. This work invites body, soul, and spirit to join the dance. 

Somatic Psychology: Body, Mind and Meaning  

Somatic Psycholgy

From the back cover:

This book draws attention to the interface of psychotherapy and psychological theory with the somatic practices of bodywork and movement therapy. To offer a client only psychotherapy, or only bodywork, may subtly or directly reinforce the body-mind split from which so many of us suffer: in some cases this will be a reinforcement of a dilemma central to the client’s problems. Hartley views body psychotherapy and transpersonal psychology as reintegrating the once separated processes of psyche, soma, and spirit.

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Edited collection

Contemporary Body Psychotherapy: The Chiron Approach (edited by Linda)

Contemporary Body Psychotherapy

From the back cover:

The book deals with topics including: the roots and the development of the Chiron approach; self-regulation — an evolving concept at the heart of body psychotherapy; the evolution of an embodied, integral and relational approach to psychotherapy; moving towards an integrative model of trauma therapy.

Chapters contributed

New Dimensions in Body Psychotherapy (ed. Nick Totton with a chapter by Linda)

New Dimensions

From the back cover:

This collection of ground-breaking work by practitioners at the forefront of contemporary body psychotherapy enriches the whole therapy world. It explores the leading edge of theory and practice, including neuroscientific contributions, embodied countertransference, movement patterns and infant development (...), Body-Mind Centering®, Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy ...

Exploring Body-Mind Centering (ed. Gill Wright Miller, Pat Ethridge and Kate Tarlow Morgan with a chapter by Linda)

 Exploring Body-Mind Centering

From the back cover:

Based on the work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Exploring Body-Mind Centering features thirty-five inspired essays demonstrating various situations in which the application of Body-Mind Centering produces transformative results. ... An invaluable resource for body therapists and those interested in movement, this book is ideal for readers who are exploring the creative process of moving and healing.

Dance, Somatics and Spiritualities: Contemporary Sacred Narratives (ed. Amanda Williamson, Glenna Batson, Sarah Whatley and Rebecca Weber with a chapter by Linda)

Dance, Somatics and Spiritualities 

From the back cover:

Dance, Somatics and Spiritualities brings together prominent authors and practitioners in order to elucidate how a wide range of sacred narratives/spiritualities are informing pedagogy, educational and therapeutic practice. As well as providing new insights and promoting creative/artistic awareness, this seminal text de-mystifies the spiritual/sacred and brings clarity and academic visibility to this largely uncharted and often misrepresented subject. 


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