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Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy

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This approach uses healing touch, body awareness, somatic movement therapy and dialogue to help integrate body and mind and generate a feeling of well-being and ‘at-homeness’ in your body and your life.

Body-Mind Centering

The practice of Body-Mind Centering®, the basis of this approach, offers a way to gently come back home into the body, to re-experience the integration of sensation, feeling, mind and spirit that is yours by nature. You will learn to awaken awareness in your body through focussed touch, breath, guided imagery and movement, allowing the innate cellular intelligence of the body to guide you. You may learn to trust again your body and its wisdom.

Through sensitively guided movement, areas of tension and blockage can be released and the core of inner support and strength experienced. As habitual patterns in the body change or become more flexible, the mind also changes, allowing for greater openness, choice and spontaneity of being.

Physical benefits

Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy can help you to:

Other benefits

Beyond purely physical benefits, feeling at ease in your body and developing better habits of posture and movement can also benefit your general health and emotional well-being. Mind and body are integrally connected, and a change in the way you use your body can have far-reaching effects on how you feel. Feeling more balanced in your body can be a support to finding greater mental and emotional stability.

Amenable conditions

Emotions are often held in the body, causing physical symptoms of tension or pain, sometimes contributing to the development of ill-health. If you wish to explore the feelings which lie behind your physical symptoms, or the meaning of patterns you may discover through bodywork and movement therapy, you will be given support to do so. Authentic Movement and Inner Body Dialogue may be used to deepen your exploration.

This work is based on an understanding that what you need for your healing and growth lies within you. It seeks to empower you by developing trust in yourself and the wisdom of your body.


An initial session can be arranged to discuss your needs and see if this approach might be helpful for you. If you decide to continue, sessions are usually held once every week, and generally last for one hour, although longer sessions can be arranged. Sessions will be treated with the strictest confidentiality, and your safety and comfort respected at all times.