Therapist, trainer, writer


Linda HartleyI live and work in North Norfolk, England, weaving together the threads of therapy, teaching and writing.

I first trained and worked as a dancer and choreographer (from 1977). After further studies with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen in the USA I began to practice as a Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator (from 1982). Later training and study have led me to develop an approach to personal growth and healing which integrates Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Authentic Movement and Body-Mind Centering®.

I am a certified Practitioner and Teacher of Body-Mind Centering®, an accredited Transpersonal Psychotherapist and a Senior Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist. My MA is in Somatic Psychology. Studies in Authentic Movement with Janet Adler, and Process-oriented Psychology with Arnold Mindell and colleagues, have been important influences on my work.

Drawing on all of these practices, I have developed a therapeutic approach which engages body, mind, soul and spirit to support the unfolding of process through the body, and the cultivation of awareness, clarity and compassion in the therapeutic relationship.

Over the years I have taught for many organisations in the UK and abroad, including universities and colleges in the UK and Europe, the School for Body-Mind Centering® in the USA and Europe, and the UK National Health Service.

As founding director of the Institute for Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy, I have run training programmes since 1990, first in Germany, then England, and currently also in Lithuania and Russia. The training is an Approved Programme of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA), and is an Allied Programme of the Body-Mind Centering® Association.

Writing has been, and continues to be an important aspect of my therapeutic and teaching work. I am also venturing into fiction writing.

All my work is supported and inspired by many years of practice in T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Buddhist meditation, and deeply influenced by my ongoing studies with Janet Adler. I have been a faculty member of Circles of Four, a path of preparation to teach the Discipline of Authentic Movement, initiated by Adler.

Linda Hartley

MA, BMCA, RSMT, CTP registered

* Body-Mind Centering® and BMC® are registered service marks of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, used with permission.